June 27, 2018

6-27-18Lee Niedrach resolved a lawsuit brought against a major box retail store for a highly favorable amount 75 TIMES the long-standing offer that had been on the table. Lee’s client, a customer, slipped on water that had been on the ground all day that the store failed to clean up. The customer had soft tissue injuries only, mostly hip pain that began a week after falling. The store denied liability and filed a motion for summary judgment, asking the judge the throw the lawsuit out. The judge sided with Lee that the case should go to a jury. Unhappy with that prospect, the store appealed to the Court of Appeals in Atlanta. The 3-member panel of judges again sided with Lee that the case should go to a jury. At that point, with a jury trial looming, the store finally agreed to a confidential settlement.

June 1, 2018

6-1-18MSP is proud to give over $2,000.00 its attorneys and staff have donated to support the amazing people at Cancer Navigators, as they make sure every day that cancer patients and their families are given the support they need and deserve “because people shouldn’t have to journey alone.” Please join us this Sunday at Barron Stadium from 2:00 – 4:00 P.M. to honor our community’s cancer survivors and remember those that we have lost. This year we will pay special tribute to two of our own – Tracy Harman (late husband of Virginia Harman, known to his loved ones as Doodad) and Shawn Laney (late brother of Melissa Laney).