May 23, 2018

5-23-18MSP extends its heartfelt congratulations to Kay Ann Wetherington, who last night was elected Floyd County’s newest Superior Court Judge. Kay Ann brings her 25 years of civil and criminal trial experience to the bench when she succeeds Judge Colston upon her retirement at the end of this year. Kay Ann’s new role follows her decades of service to the community, including 20 years of prosecuting criminals as an Assistant District Attorney.

May 17, 2018

5-18-18MSP partners Virginia Harman and Andy Garner have been appointed to the Rome Circuit Public Defender’s Oversight Committee by the Floyd County Board of Commissioners and Governor Nathan Deal, respectively. Virginia and Andy recently participated in the hiring of chief public defender, Sean Lowe, as reported in the Rome News-Tribune article below. The committee also performs yearly evaluations of the public defender’s office and provides support and assistance to the chief public defender. Great job Virginia and Andy! You can read more about their appointment here.

May 1, 2018

5-1-18MSP attorneys Lee Niedrach and Chris Jackson recently obtained a significant 5-figure settlement for the family of a local toddler. Due to negligent oversight, the three-year-old girl’s ring finger was broken in the hinge of a large door at preschool. Thankfully she has fully recovered and has no permanent injuries.

Lee and Chris were able to utilize Freedom of Information Act requests to discover that a state investigation found inadequate supervision and fined the preschool for the incident. Lee and Chris leveraged this information to obtain the highly favorable settlement. After ensuring all of the child’s medical bills were covered, they had the remainder of the settlement money placed in a conservatorship. There it will accrue interest until the child turns 18, at which time the money will become available to help her pay for college and any other expense she has.