Criminal and Civil Appeals

Disappointing results happen in court.  If you have failed to get the relief you need and deserve, we may be able to help you successfully appeal your case to a higher court.

Appellate court rules are extraordinarily complex, and must be followed to the letter.  The process is long and expensive, but the chance of successfully appealing your case without competent legal counsel is remote.  Appellate counsel knows the appeals process, is able to navigate through the rules, and also understands that the strategy to win on appeal is different than the strategy to win at trial.

Depending on the kind of case you have and the court in which it is pending, you typically have a limited amount of time to file an appeal.  So if you have had a bad result in court, contact us soon.  Otherwise, you may be stuck with the result.

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North Georgia Appellate Law

We assist in appealing any type of case, including:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Family law, child custody and visitation
  • Employment litigation
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Probate and estate cases.
  • Juvenile court cases
  • Criminal convictions

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