May 14, 2020

MSP is still hard at work advocating strongly for our clients. Rob Monroe recently settled a car accident case for over $90,000. Rob’s client was injured while driving when an approaching car’s trailer became detached and struck the client’s vehicle. Rob’s investigation revealed that the trailer was negligently maintained – it had bald tires and should not have been on the road. The client suffered a torn rotator cuff, but has now recovered and back at work.

April 30, 2020

We look forward to seeing you all back out and shopping this weekend at the Between the Rivers Farmers’ Market! We are a proud sponsor and enjoy hosting the weekly event in our parking lot. The market will be following CDC recommendations in order to provide everyone with a safe and healthy way to enjoy the outdoors while supporting our valuable local businesses. See you soon!


March 16, 2020

MSP, like many local businesses, continues to closely monitor the evolving coronavirus situation. At this time we thankfully have no suspected exposure, but we are implementing new measures to protect our employees and clients, including:

• Asking anyone with a known exposure to coronavirus or exhibiting fever or any other known symptoms to stay at home;
• Hand sanitizer available throughout the office;
• Frequent surface cleaning throughout the day;
• Asking clients to separate themselves in our waiting room, as well as other social distancing measures; and
• Implementing a closed door policy for all employees.

We hope these and other measures to come will help to “flatten the curve” as this dynamic situation evolves.

March 9, 2020

Congratulations to attorney Bryan Johnson, who is the sole qualifying candidate to take retiring Judge Bryant Durham’s position on the Superior Court of Floyd County. The fact that nobody entered the race against Bryan speaks to the respect he has from his fellow attorneys and trust that he is the right candidate for the job. We also would like to thank Judge Durham for his many years of service to the public and the justice system, and wish him well in the years ahead.

March 4, 2020

We mourn the recent passing of our dear friend and colleague Tommy Greer. He exemplified the best characteristics of the legal profession. He was smart, hard working, honest, a gentleman, and a role model for all those lucky enough to work with him. Most of all, Tommy was an outstanding advocate for his clients. Please keep Tommy’s family and friends in your prayers during this difficult time.

Read more about Tommy here.

February 20, 2020


Today is National Love Your Pet Day! Spoil your furry friends even more than you normally do and let them how much they mean to your family.

And to show off, here are just some of the pets of MSP’s attorneys and staff!

Brian Bojo Tax Moment – 2/14/20

February 13, 2020

Virginia Harman recently completed her sixth year as Chairman of the Board of Cancer Navigators. Her selfless dedication has helped to improve the lives of those in their time of need, and is one of the many ways MSP gives back to this wonderful community.

January 20, 2020

Congratulations to MSP attorneys Jule Peek and Ben Stell for their recent settlement of two personal injury cases! In one case, Peek and Stell recovered $310,000 for a client who was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer in 2017 while stopped at a red light. The client suffered back, leg, and rib injuries in the collision. Thankfully, the client had no permanent injuries and has made a full recovery. The case was set for trial in early 2020.

In the second case, the MSP attorneys recovered $305,000 for a family involved in a collision with a commercial work truck. The family was transported by ambulance to the emergency room for various soft tissue and whiplash injuries, some of which required several weeks of physical therapy. This case was pending against the at-fault driver’s employer and was set for trial in mid-2020.

These settlements are just the most recent examples of MSP attorneys generating significant recoveries for personal injury and workers compensation clients across the state of Georgia.

In just the past five years alone, MSP attorneys have recovered more than $10 million in compensation for injured clients, highlighted by some of the following results.

-$2 million by Jule Peek for wrongful death in a tractor trailer collision.
-$1.7 million by Jason Sanker for a client injured in a collision with a drunk driver who was operating a company vehicle.
-$1.3 million by Jule Peek for shoulder injury sustained in tractor-trailer collision.
-$1.1 million for noise nuisance claims against utility conglomerate.
-$380,000 by Brian Bojo and Lee Niedrach for leg injuries sustained by a pedestrian after being struck by a vehicle in a parking lot.
-$365,450 recovered by Mike McRae and Lee Niedrach in terminating an irrevocable family trust which had outlived its useful purpose.
-$350,000 by Jule Peek for a client injured in a rear-end collision with a logging truck.
-$300,000 by Jason Sanker for injuries sustained by motorcycle driver.
-$250,000 by Jule Peek and Ben Stell for back injuries sustained in rear-end tractor-trailer collision.
-$249,977 by Lee Niedrach recovered for a telephone company by having a garnishment overturned.
-S200,000 by Lee Niedrach for an elderly patient who fell at a nursing home.
-$175,000 by Jule Peek for injuries sustained by motorcycle driver.
-$145,000 by Jason Sanker for injuries sustained in auto collision.
-$127,000 by Jule Peek for leg injuries sustained in auto collision.
-$125,000 by Jule Peek for neck injury sustained in auto collision.
-$115,000 by Rob Monroe for employee with rotator cuff injury sustained while lifting countertops at work.
-$115,000 by Chris Jackson and Lint Johnson for collar bone injury sustained in collision caused by a logging truck.
-$100,000 by Rob Monroe for employee with shoulder injury sustained in wreck involving long log truck.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or damage as the result of an automobile or tractor-trailer truck collision, slip and fall, workplace accident, or by other means, call our office today at (706) 291-6223 to set up a free consultation.