January 3, 2024

MSP partner Ben Stell recently settled a personal injury case for $175,000 on behalf of a client who suffered a significant shoulder injury in a car wreck. The at-fault driver only had $30,000 in insurance coverage, significantly less than what was needed to adequately compensate for our client’s injuries. Ben filed suit was an able to recover an additional $145,000 from multiple underinsured motorist policies.

Ben also settled two additional car wreck cases for the maximum insurance limits available, one for $100,000 (surgically repaired arm fracture) and the other for $150,000 (cervical spine injury).

December 19, 2023

Last week Lee Niedrach obtained a judgment for over $440,000 for his client, including $100,000 in punitive damages. Lee’s client was walking his dogs in the neighborhood when he was suddenly attacked by an unrestrained dog. The client fought off the attacking dog to protect himself and his own dogs. In the process he lost the tip of his thumb and had to undergo corrective surgery. Lee uncovered the dog’s prior bite history to establish its dangerous propensity and the owners’ negligence in failing to restrain it.

November 10, 2023

Mediocre bowling for a GREAT cause. “The Dudes Abide” reached new heights last evening, some even hitting triple digits. Our “trophy” was being able to support local families through the wonderful work of the Family Resource Center! Read more about them here.