November 30, 2021

MSP and Partner Virginia Harman were honored to host a reception on November 17, 2021 for Mark Ponter one of the Directors The African Wildlife Foundation. In his “Sikeleli Talk” Mark spoke eloquently and passionately about efforts to preserve iconic species such as the rhino which are being targeted for their horns by poachers throughout Africa. The horn is sold in Asian markets as an aphrodisiac despite being nothing more than keratin, the same thing your finger nails are made of. These same Asian markets pose a threat to fresh water turtles and black bears here in the Southeast. The International Anti-Poaching Foundation’s all woman ranger squad known as the Askashinga, shown in the photo, have been uniquely successful and Mark explained that the all-female units have been used as a model around Africa to fight poaching.

October 29, 2021

The firm brought home 17 awards from Best of Rome 2021! We are thankful for all of you that voted and have continued to support us through the years. Our well rounded, award winning team is grateful for the opportunity to continue to assist you with all of your legal needs! Congratulations to all of the Best of Rome 2021 winners!

  • MSP – Overall Law Firm – 2nd
  • Jule Peek – Family/Divorce Attorney – 1st
  • Teresa Robison – Certified Paralegal 1st
  • Brian Bojo – Corporate Attorney – 2nd and Tax & Estate Attorney – 1st
  • Chris Jackson – Civil Attorney – 2nd, Criminal Attorney – 3rd place, Family/Divorce Attorney – 2nd, Overall Attorney – 2nd & Personal Injury Attorney – 1st
  • Virginia Harman – Employment & Labor Attorney- 2nd
  • Jordan Knight – Real Estate Attorney – 2nd
  • Scott Smith – Corporate Attorney– 3rd and Real Estate Attorney – 3rd

October 25, 2021

Mike McRae and Rob Monroe recently earned a significant victory in the Georgia Court of Appeals, on behalf of the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority and its individual members. Mike and Rob had previously been successful in having the lawsuit dismissed by the Superior Court of Fayette County. The other party appealed, and the Court of Appeals ruled in Mike and Rob’s favor and upheld the dismissal. The case involved complex questions of local government law, including constitutional and Open Meetings Act issues. The Court of Appeals found that a 2018 act of local legislation reconstituting the Authority was properly enacted, and further that the Authority complied with the Open Meetings Act in conducting its meetings.

Congratulations to Mike and Rob on this result!

Reference: Dufresne v. City of Peachtree City, Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority, Case No. A21A0739, issued October 20, 2021.